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2014 Safety Resolutions Reading List

Posted by National Safety Council

92391642_blogWith the New Year comes new enthusiasm. You have the opportunity to take stock of your safety initiatives and plot a new strategy for enhancing the culture of safety at your organization. Here’s a list of smart, timely articles to help you getting started.

Safety & Health Magazine’s 2014 State of Safety

Drawing on research and interviews, Safety & Health Magazine discusses key trends in injuries, safety regulation, employee safety and OSHA activity. A good read to get you thinking about how policies impact performance, and get a birds-eye view of possible compliance issues in the future.

7 Steps to Create an Effective Workplace Safety Training Program

This post from our blog takes you through the key activities you’ll want to perform early in the year. The key thing from a safety and a business perspective is to clearly establish your needs and goals, so that you can properly plan the resources you’ll need.

OSHA’s Employer Responsibilities section

No list of safety reading is complete without a nod to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). This piece serves as a handy reminder about what matters. Make sure you are up to date on OSHA’s expectations. If something raises a flag in your mind, or you draw a blank, then you know you need to go deeper to ensure your policies are in compliance.

All About You: Dealing with Discouragement

This piece from safety pro, Richard Hawkes, will help you regain your energy and sense of purpose as you start the New Year. Leading safety in your organization can be challenging, and you can’t help but face setbacks. But Richard’s column reminds us that our work is important for everyone – even when employees and the organization don’t always act that way.

Note: The articles here are geared toward thinking about safety policy and management, not necessarily a specific safety issue. If you’ve got questions about specific safety issues, then leave them in the comments or contact us to receive a safety assessment.

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