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Creating a Culture of Safety in Your Organization - Part 1: Leadership

Posted by National Safety Council

Blueprint_WorkersJust as your corporate culture includes and affects all employees – from top management to the front line workers – so does a safety culture. Consider what your organization would look like if only top executives or only line employees practiced safe habits in the workplace. You would see inconsistencies in process, gaps in buy-in and more incidents and injuries. A safety culture can only grow when everyone in the company embraces safety as a key component in their everyday work.

There are two basic elements to creating and sustaining a safety culture: Leadership and Employee Engagement. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we will examine the management factors that drive safety as a core value of the company culture. 

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7 Steps to Create an Effective Workplace Safety Training Program

Posted by National Safety Council

WorkerInvesting in workplace training is money well spent. Employers with effective safety and health training programs benefit from fewer workplace injuries and claims, better employee morale, and lower insurance premiums. Following are the seven steps recommended by OSHA for the development and implementation of an effective safety training program.  

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